Middle ages gambling and card games


Before we had online gambling, or even television and radio for that matter, we still had a good number of indoor past times. And believe it or not - many of them still dealt with gambling in one form or the other.


Here are a few common middle-ages gambling and card games that you need to know about.


The Most Popular Social Game - Chess


Chess, a game of high intellectual standards was originated in India during the Gupta era. Traced somewhere to the 6th century, the game has been interestingly followed till the present day. Due to invasions and meager communication during that period the concept included in chess started travelling around the world. Its wings spread over Persia, Spain, Greece and slowly entered Europe. China also was a part of the games expedition around the globe.


The game was not known by the same name everywhere. The varieties of names taken by this game relate to various significant aspects. If you go through Indian literature written by great scholars, writers, and poets you would come across the word Shatranj which is nothing but chess.

In the Middles Ages, it was played in Western Europe, and even in Norway around 1150-1200 AD. In the Tudor period, chess playing was an essential social skill among the upper classes.


Since then though, lot of modification the game has taken a shape with a fixed set of rules and regulations that would create a framework for the players. This dual player pastime was categorized as a game or a sport during the mid-nineteenth century after Howard Staunton a chess player organized the first modern chess tournament.


This encroachment of chess in the sports arena came with a lot of Nobel men who transformed this avocation to a sport by inducing the generation peers to build their IQ levels by playing chess. The late 19th century saw an increase in the tournaments to crown chess masters round the world. Women folks were also staged to throw open their talent during this reign.




The Other Games


Chess wasn't the only game though. Here are some of the other popular gambling games during the Middle Ages.



The other popular game was tables or Backgammon, which was played in the 14th century, and while as popular as chess at times, it was restricted mostly to the lower classes of the society.


Gambling on Dice

This is another common gambling game since those times, and the government then wanted it to be restricted only to upper classes, often preventing less popular taverns and inns from the gaming to take place. In fact, in 1542, playing the game was banned for everybody from artisans to fisherman and a serving man, except during Christmas. However, it was an Act that really couldn't be implemented.
Apart from this, card games remained popular too among the masses.


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