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“GOAMA”, International Go Newsletter
Director of the project:

Igor GrishinIgor Grishin
President of the Go Federation (Russia, Moscow).
Director of “Voshozdenie” Go&Wushu children’s school in Moscow.
Mr Grishin has been playing and teaching Go since 1990. He received a 3-dan diploma from the Chinese Weiqi Association in 2002. He is one of the top Go masters in Moscow.
Igor is the author of several Go books, and the sponsor and organizer of the largest tournaments in Russia and on KGS. His homepage is: http://goama.upstream.ru/club/members/grishin.htm


Alexandre DinerchteinAlexandre Dinerchtein
1-dan professional of the Korean Go Association. Mr Dinerchtein has been playing Go since the age of 6 and was European champion in 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005.
From 1997 to 2003 he studied Go in Korea as the student of Cheon Pung-cho, 8-dan and Heo Changheui, 9-dan.
Nowadays Alexandre teaches Go on KGS (as “breakfast”) and leads the commentaries section on the Go4Go portal.
His homepage is: http://breakfast.go4go.net/

Experts and contributors:

Mace LiMace Li
Mace Li is known as 'macelee' on major Go servers.
Having studied Go for 25 years in China, Mace has reached amateur 6-dan during his 5-year stay in the United States.
Mace Li's Go4Go portal has been serving the Go community since 2001, providing up-to-date professional Go news and game collections among other services. He is currently working and living in London.

Dino Mario Dino Mario Cremonese
Amateur 5-dan from Vancouver (Canada). Plays as “TheCaptain” on KGS and generally draws a lot of observers due to his spectacular playing style.
The president of two mineral exploration companies (Teuton Resources Corp. and Minvita Enterprises Ltd.).
Learned Go in 1972, reached 5-dan in 1977. Best tournament result: 1994 Fujitsu cup in Houston, beat Janice Kim 1-dan pro in even game.

Mikhail Emelyanov Mikhail Emelyanov
Managing Director of the Go Federation (Russia, Moscow)
Amateur 1-dan. Mr Emelyanov has played Go since December 2003.
Mikhail studied Go in Harbin. His teacher in China was U Guon Shin 3-dan professional, and his Russian go teacher is Igor Grishin, 3-dan.

Ivo Schuurink Ivo Schuurink
Learned Go in August 2003 by watching “Hikaru no go”. The student of Alexandre Dinerchtein, he was recently promoted to 1-dan by the Dutch Go Association. Often playing Go on KGS and in European tournaments

Dr Tamsin JonesDr Tamsin Jones
Dr Tamsin Jones has been playing Go off and on since 1999. She is currently ranked 1st kyu in the UK. She is a musician and teacher, and enjoys studying languages. A student of Alexandre Dinerchtein, she is working with the Goama team to provide clear and elegant commentaries for your improvement and pleasure.

Les WallerLes Waller
President of the Yongsan Baduk Club in Seoul, Korea (soon to be Seoul International Baduk Club), where he currently lives and works.
Provides Baduk English articles in Oromedia's Baduk Saegae (World), as well as translates game reviews. He also translates Korean to English books for Oromedia, "Think like a Pro, Haengma" and Think like a Pro, Pae" are two examples.
A 4-kyu player who has been playing since 2002. He has taken lessons from Alexandre Dinerchtein in-person and online.
Plays as "Kyumaster on KGS and "LesWaller" on Cyberoro.
His homepage is: http://www.yclwaller.com

Myasnikova ElenaMyasnikova Elena
A teacher of English, a translator and singer. Enjoys archery, sports and studying Italian. Provides translating of articles about Go for posting.

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