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  • Go clubs and associations:
    American Go Association
    Go in Slovenia
    Go in Austria
    Warriors Go Academy teaches and promotes the game of Go around Vancouver, Canada
    Turkish Go Players' Association(Turkish and English)
    Italian Go Association

    Go software and databases:
    Go game software
    Dariush Go software
    Korean Baduk in photos funny photos of Korean masters
    Egoban.org Here you can view, share, search, tag and comment Go game records, uploaded by different users
    European Go Database
    Go test. Decide your rank for entering Go servers and Go tournaments
    OGS - OGS is a relatively new turn-based Go server with a focus on competitive tournament play. It supports both Chinese and Japanese scoring rulesets, and both Fischer and Long Blitz timing methods. Boards can be 9x9, 13x13 or 19x19, and komi and handicap can be set manually or calculated based on rating differences. There is also a forum and an improvements section designed to give users the opportunity ot influence the way the site is improved and developed.

    Go equipment:
    Go-Figure! offers an attractive range of Go boards, stones and bowls The store is based in Germany but ships internationally. The website is available in English and German.
    http://www.thetradingcentre.co.uk/ Bridge software, Go books and equipment, Chinese chess and other board games

    Newsletters and magazines:
    Tsumego mailing list 3 or 4 life-and-death problems each week (from 20-kyu to 5-dan) compiled by Fan Hui 2-dan professional
    The Buddhist Review magazine

    Private Go sites:
    John Hardy's Go pages
    Alexandre Dinerchtein Go game lessons by A.Dinerchtein, 1-dan professional
    Private Go site of Rafael Bugajski
    Game of Go pages of Nick Wedd

    Board games:
    Chess program ChessAlex Download chess program ChessAlex. The graphical interface has easy and normal levels and supports PGN and UCI protocols. The engine has a rating about 2100 ELO.
    ChessPuzzleBook.com A Chess Book for the Average Casual Player
    Introducing internationalized versions of xiangqi (Chinese chess) and shogi (Japanese chess). Xiangqi sets feature both traditional Chinese characters and symbols so that anyone can play. Shogi playing pieces are identified by colors and symbols.
    Карточные игры, пасьянсы, фокусы, азартные, детские и семейные игры, спортивные, настольные, игры в кости, на бумаге и другие.
    Pattaya Bridge Club, Thailand A bridge site containing loads of bridge information including lots of advanced conventions and innovative ideas about no trump bidding etc. There is also a book on no trump bidding which is the most comprehensive ever written.
    How To Play Backgammon For Money & Win! Play online backgammon games for real money or just for fun with play65 multilanguage software of internet backgamon.
    Правила настольных логических игр Го, сёги, сянци, шахматы, шашки и другие игры. Описание игр, ссылки на сайты, форумы, софт, правила игр и другая информация
    My-games-place.com Only the best downloadable games! Download it for free and start playing now!
    Настольные игры - Портал о настольных играх для всех.
    Беседка Кроссвордиста - форум, посвященный разгадыванию кроссвордов
    Classic Board Games for PC - Download and play board games.
    Turn-based server with large ammount of board games, including Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, Reversi, Go Moku and others
    Free Online Go Game
    Rayen's game of Go blog
    Помощник Кроссвордиста
    Dimensionalized, 3D Chess
    'Chess - The Next Generation' - Download the rules for free.
    These rules are based on ALL the rules for regular chess.
    It also explains how to build you own game and start playing in 10 mins.
    Very Deep Backgammon. New strategy board game uniting elements of Chess,Backgammon, Checkers and More!
    Brain Games & Puzzles - PlayWithYourMind.com offers over 100 original online games to challenge and exercise your brain
    BrainBall: A Brain Sport - Play the daily challenge and compete against others in this brain-game decathalon.
    Wide variety of metal, stone and wooden chess sets, chess boards and chess clocks
    Play It Again Games-Vintage, used, rare, and out of print games and board games
    Word Search Puzzles - A collection of printable puzzles with "hidden messages" that are revealed once the puzzles have been solved.'
    Crosswords for Fun promotes the educational, recreational and health benefits of puzzling on a regular basis.
    Online Backgammon Tips
    Online backgammon magazine. Latest backgammon news.
    A directory with categorized links to gaming resources. Covers arcade games, board games, card games and word games.
    компьютерные игры
    Terrific Toys' Intelligence Outfitters A catalog of uncommon, curiously entertaining educational activity toys, games and puzzles.
    A large selection of Ravensburger and F.X. Schmid jigsaws puzzles of all sizes
    Here you may play classic board games, including chess, checkers, backgammon, reversi, four in a row and go

    Japanese, Korean and Chinese sites:
    Переводы с русского на китайский. Переводы с китайского на русский. Китайско-англо-русский словарь
    Интернет-магазин Фэн-Шуй. Талисман Удачи. Предметы Фен-Шуй для вашего дома, квартиры, офиса. Сувениры и символы Феншуй: талисманы, амулеты, хотеи, денежное дерево, китайские колокольчики и монеты, благовония. Фэн-Шуй для любви и удачи.
    Japanese Page of Ukrainian Web The Friendly Web Site about Japan available in Ukrainian, Russian, Japanese and English. Here you can find a lot of interesting, useful and amazing information about the Land of the Rising Sun by Dreams Come True Foundation, Kiev, Ukraine.
    JacroSolver. Программа, решающая японские кроссворды. Возможности сохранения и загрузки, настройки масштаба и сетки; режим быстрого ввода.
    японские кроссворды
    Queer Eye Korea
    Japan Visitor-Your Guide to Japan
    China Tour Service. China Tour Operator offers China tours
    Chinese Culture
    Blog about Korea
    Finest selection of Korean Celadon Pottery, Lacquered and Music Boxes, Dolls, Figurines and Paintings
    Chinese clothing, especially Chinese Dresses Qipao / Cheongsam
    Largest RC hobby supplier and exporter in China
    Chinese Art Supplies Shop at Art Realization Best range of Chinese art supplies shipped direct from China. Authentic, quality and at reasonable prices. Including Seals carved to your specifications, calligraphy brushes, Chinese ink, paper and text books.

    Sport games:
    Бодибилдинг и фитнес. Диеты и снижение веса
    Sports Psychology Coach - Get sports psychology coach Lior Doron who provides personal and practical mental skills exercises for athletes, teams, officials, coaches and parents of aspiring athletes who seek to improve sporting performance. Other services also include online tutoring for success in school as well as tennis lessons, life coaching and more. Browse the website and ask for a free initial consultation to gain a better perspective of your needs.
    Easy to play and affordable fantasy sports games that let you be the General Manager. Draft all of your favorite players on your team. Buy a Fantasy team for a flat fee and get free unlimited transactions. Great weekly and end of season prizes. Leagues are made up of only 25 teams. All League prizes are guaranteed. Free Football, Baseball and Basketball contests as well. Compete against people from around the world for cash and prizes. Also, Many Sports Information, sports product and sports collectible and sports service partners

    Online games:
    Free Games Games for free download and online games
    N1 Games The best games for free download
    Web Games Collection of the popular online games
    Flash игры Коллекция флеш игр различных жанров. Все флешки можно скачать
    HigherGames - Online Strategy Games компьютерные игры
    Эмуляторы, онлайн игры, флэш игры, ретро игры
    Сказки, игры, чудеса
    Thousands of brain teasers, puzzles, riddles, trivia quizzes and games
    Старые игры
    Free game downloads

    Russian Go links:
    Книги по Го на русском языке
    Russian Go Gallery Tons of Russian photos
    Russian Go Forum The oldest Go forum in Russia (english and russian languages). Sgf format support, friendly moderation, lot of active members

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