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“GOAMA”, International Go Newsletter

1. What is your privacy policy?
We value other people’s privacy and we do not sell or share e-mail addresses and other information about our subscribers. We are working with YourMailingListProvider – the safest newsletter service on the Web. To ensure your privacy we will send you a confirmation message that you must reply to in order to be added to the mailing list.

2. Is the IGN “Goama” available on the Web?
No, it is delivered only via e-mail.

3. Will I need any special software to read the newsletter?
Not really: the only thing you will need is a sgf viewer, such as Cgoban , GoWrite or Many Faces of Go.

4. Can I get all previous issues once I join?
Please, check our "Archive" section on Gogame.info.

5. What do I do if my email address has changed?
Please, unsubscribe first and then subscribe again, using your new address. E-mail addresses that no longer exist are filtered out from our database. E-mail addresses that are unreachable because of a temporary problem (for example, if your mail box is full) are filtered out after three consecutive bounces.

6. What happens if I miss any issues?
Please, check our "Archive" section on Gogame.info.

7. Can I stop the IGN “Goama” coming to my e-mail for a while?
Certainly, there is an "unsubscribe link", which is automatically added to the bottom of each newsletter.

8. Can I participate in the IGN “Goama”
Sure! Please contact us and tell us your wishes and suggestions

9. I've subscribed but I'm still not getting the newsletter. What should I do?
The most common reason is that the company that provides your internet access is blocking it, because it mistakenly thinks the IGN “Goama” is spam. (This often happens when single e-mail is mailed to lots of different e-mail addresses.)
To stop this, add the address below to your email address book: qp#omen.ru
If you use Hotmail or another free e-mail service, you should also check that the newsletter is not going into the "Junk mail" folder.

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