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Board games — Wei qi, Chess and Bingo

Games are an integral part of interaction in a society and can be considered one of the earliest modes of communication if you take into account the fact that a baby¿s first real interaction with adults are often via games. However unlike the babble of babies, board games require more refined communication. In many cases where the throw of dice does not determine the fate of the players, it also calls for analytical skills and strategic planning.

Wei qi, an ancient Chinese game is one such game that calls for tactical and strategic planning. Wei qi or Go as it is often called, is an analytical game that calls for acquisition of property and ensuring a proper defense of each property acquired. Unlike chess that is a single battle fought, a single board game of wei qi includes several battles fought in different corners of the board. Not surprisingly, each game of Go can last for hours and may be required to be continued in different sessions. You can read more about it here.

Chess is another popular board game that is popular all over the world. Believed to have originated in India as early as 1,500 years ago, the early form of the game travelled to Persia and from there to Southern Europe where it was refined to its current form. Chess game portrays a royal battle between two opponents.

Played on a board with 64 distinctive places for the black and white members of each battle group, each chess piece on the board game has a unique style of movement. Players plan their strategy as they move each piece forward with the objective of taking over the opponent¿s king. Today chess is one of the most popular board games and possibly the only board game to have a competitive world tournament of its own. About chess you care read here.

Bingo is again a board game that has been around for centuries but its uniqueness lie in the fact that the game is not really played on the board. The board is used only as a place-marker for the random numbers called out during the game. The actual game is played on individual bingo tickets purchased by the players.

The first player successful in getting all the numbers of his ticket called out is the winner. Prizes are also handed out to single line and double line winners. Bingo has various forms. There is pattern bingo which is popularly called 75 ball bingo, Swedish Bingo or 5 line bingo and the regular and more common 90 ball bingo. you can find more info about bingo here.

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