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GOAMA, International Go Newsletter
  • Go clubs and associations
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  • Go equipment
  • Go newsletters and magazines
  • Private Go sites
  • Chess and other board games
  • Russian Go links

  • Go clubs and associations:
    American Go Association
    Go in Slovenia
    Go in Austria
    Warriors Go Academy teaches and promotes the game of Go around Vancouver, Canada

    Go software and databases:
    Go game software
    Dariush Go software
    Korean Baduk in photos funny photos of Korean masters

    Go equipment:
    Go-Figure! offers an attractive range of Go boards, stones and bowls The store is based in Germany but ships internationally. The website is available in English and German.

    Go newsletters and magazines:
    Tsumego mailing list 3 or 4 life-and-death problems each week (from 20-kyu to 5-dan) compiled by Fan Hui 2-dan professional

    Private Go sites:
    John Hardy's Go pages
    Alexandre Dinerchtein Go game lessons by A.Dinerchtein, 1-dan professional

    Chess and other board games:

    Russian Go links:

    Russian Go Gallery Tons of Russian photos
    Russian Go Forum The oldest Go forum in Russia (english and russian languages). Sgf format support, friendly moderation, lot of active members

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