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2nd issue
(Korean_trick_ move_2.PDF)

1.The story of Kim In, 9-dan (second part)
2.”Train Like a Pro”: Book review by our expert Ivo Schuurink, 1-dan
3. Extraordinary ladder game by Mace Li, 6-dan, an expert of “Goama” (link)
4.The commentary of Alexandre Dinerchtein vs Cho Chikun game from the Fujitsu cup-2006 by Ko Keun-t'ae, 5-dan and Cho Han-seung, 8-dan (at the attachment, sgf format)
5.New trick-move from Korea (at the attachment, pdf format)
6.The most exciting game of the week. Yoo Kyeongmin, 5-dan vs Lin Yuxiang, 2-dan (at the attachment, sgf format)

KIM IN’S STORY (second part)

Feb 11, 1962
The 6th Guksu title was awarded. Just like before, Cho Namchul was the winner. He beat the contender, Kim In by the score of 3-1, with 1 draw. Everyone knew about Kim In’s upcoming departure. It added a special atmosphere to the match. It was unclear how to proceed with the next tournament if Guksu cannot defend his title. The fans rejoiced when the title stayed in Korea, but the win was not easy. One could feel that Kim In was going to become a strong opponent shortly.

March 9, 1962
Kim In was spending his last minutes before the bus ride to the Kimpo airport in Seoul at a Chinese restaurant near the Lotte hotel. Many people came to say goodbye. A lot of them prepared envelopes with money, trying to support Kim In in his future life in Japan. Cho Namchul was among them.
“Kim-sabom, I am glad that you’re going to Japan. You can learn a lot there” - with these words Cho put an envelope in Kim’s hand.
“What is it, Cho-guksunim?” (the title is added to the name)
“A letter of recommendation. If it’s going to be hard and you won’t be able to find a good place, show this letter to my teacher Kitani Minoru. I hope that he will admit you to his club.”

Is this the way Kim In was admitted to Kitani school? No, it didn’t happen right away.
In Japan he was staying with an estranged relative by the name of Ma. The problem was that Ma didn’t play Go at all. He didn’t have the required connections either. Ma turned to a nearby Japanese professional by the name of Kosugi Kiyoshi. He was a 4-dan, just like Kim In. Ma told him that Kim In was the second strongest player in Korea, having played in title matches. He would like to participate in the Japanese professional tournaments.

“As a 4-dan?” asked Kosugi. “Are you saying that all 4-dans are the same? Do you even know what a Japanese 4-dan is? Who do you think you are?”
Kosugi offered Kim In to play his son, who at that time had been insei Nihon Ki-in. The younger Kosugi was naturally beaten.
“Yes… You were lucky. What if he played differently here? What about here?”
“Your relative Ma asked me about a favor. If I try, you can be admitted as an insei. If you try hard enough, you might become a 1-dan.”
Kim In could hardly contain himself. It would be difficult to imagine a greater insult.

To be Continued...



Train like a pro is a serie of 2 new Korean books that has been available since July 2005; I got mine hands on it at the European go congress in Prague.
The books are written by Kim Sung-Rae and translated by Les Waller.

They are problem books with sections for daily study, each book has 30 sections and the answers are in a separate book.
Each daily section has problems consisting of close combat, opening, life and death, joseki, find the best move in actual pro games and a 13x13 whole board endgame situation.

The close combat section has 4 problems and is the part I find the most interesting, they are made of tough tesuji where you must find the best answer, connecting your group and capturing the stones that cut you is often the answer but not always!

The opening section also has 4 problems they consist of a whole board situation where you must choose an answer from 4 marked spots, they are good problems because when you answer wrong you know its because the principle you thought was more important was not.

The life and death section got 4 hard problems and they are close to shapes often encountered in real games.

The Jeongseok section (joseki) shows a situation where you must finish a joseki, they are often popular ones.

Then there is the part where you must find the best response in an actual pro game situation, this is often about making shape.

The last part is a 13x13 situation where you must find the best endgame sequence for both players; those endgame situations are good but not too hard if you take your time.

All in all there are 19 problems for each day and they are tough, I often spend 2 hours on them and still have plenty wrong, this book is intended for higher Dan levels.
What I like about this book is that the problems are self-explanatory; if you do it wrong you see what was the right concept.
The disadvantage of this book is that the problems are so tough it’s hard to find the time to finish the books in 30 days as intended, you need a lot of time, but even if you take it slower, you sure to get stronger.


Our expert Mace Li, 6-dan found an interesting ladder game, which is even more exciting than the famous game of Lee Sedol, 9-dan from the Korean KAT Cup-2003. You can find the details here:



Yoo Kyeongmin, 5-dan vs Lin Yuxiang, 2-dan, the second game of the 5th Taiwanese New Star cup final match.
They played 77 moves after filling dame points!
I wrote some notes inside the sgf file (at the attachment). The opening was dull, so it’s better to watch the game from Black’s move 231.


You can find the first issue of the "Goama" newsletter here: http://gogame.info/samples.html


Enjoy the newsletter!
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