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28th issue
goama28_kpmc.sgf (goama28_kpmc.sgf)

1. Trick-moves contest with prizes
2. An interview with Xie He, 6-dan (one of the strongest Chinese professionals)
3. World Go news
4. Commented game from the 1st Korean Prime-Minister cup
5. New photos from Korea
6. The most exciting game of the week
7. Announcements

Dear friends!
We are glad to present you the 28th issue of the "Goama" newsletter, including:
1. Trick-moves contest with prizes
2. An interview with Xie He, 6-dan (one of the strongest Chinese professionals)
3. World Go news
4. Commented game from the 1st Korean Prime-Minister cup
5. New photos from Korea
6. The most exciting game of the week
7. Announcements


Trick-moves contest

We explained a lot of trick moves in our previous issues. Do you have your own trick-moves to share with us?
You can win a 6-months Fuseki.info subscription by sending them (one or few, better with real games examples) to qp@omen.ru till November,4.
http://fuseki.info/ is an online version of BIgo Assistant database. It can be used for different kinds of games searching: by name, by tournament, by fuseki or joseki. You can even find your favorite trick-moves inside the database!

We will decide best 3 trick-moves and comment them in details in future issues of our newsletter
The author of the most interesting/useful trick will get a fuseki.info account.

It would be harder for you to use it with success in future, but you can make your tricky plan really famous!


An interview with Xie He, 6-dan

- When did you start to play Go?
- I was seven years old.
- We know your playing style well. It’s really thick and solid. What can you tell us about your character?
- Yes, they are the same. I prefer reading books and using internet instead of meeting people. I think, that Go fits my character well, so I love it a lot
- You told us about internet. Are you often playing Go online?
- Yes, I enjoy it a lot. There are so many strong players on Go servers
- What is your favorite Go server?
- I am usually playing on TOM (it’s a famous Chinese Go server, A.D.)
- You won a lot of Chinese tournaments. When can we see you winning something on international area?
- I set the goal to reach the first place in World Championship within 3 years
- Recent results of Chinese masters are quite good. What do you think about them?
- We improved a lot by learning Go from Ma Xiaochun, 9-dan, who is the main trainer of Chinese national team. I think, that these results are not sensational at all.

We have another note (impressive one) about Xie He, 6-dan from the recent interview of Lee Sedol, 9-dan:
- Who are the strongest Japanese and Chinese players?
- Cho U, 9-dan is the strongest in Japan without any doubts. Other Japanese masters are way behind.
I think, that not Gu Li 9-dan, but Xie He, 6-dan is the top Chinese player. Gu Li, 9-dan has a powerful playing style, but he is making some mistakes from time to time. If my condition is good, I am always ready to beat him.
Xie He, 6-dan is another case, His Go is really solid and he is not making mistakes at all! He has a great record: 8-0 score against top 3 Korean players: Lee Changho, Choi Chelhan and myself. He is so strong! I don’t know the way to beat him!

Lee Sedol, 9-dan also noticed, that the level of junior players in China is higher than in Korea.


World Go News

Dark horse from China
15 years old Tuo Jiaxi, 3-dan showed an outstanding result during the 3rd Chinese Changqi Cup. He reached the quarterfinal by beating Xie He, Huang Yizhong and Wang Xi (all of them are the members of Chinese top 10). His next opponent is Kong Jie, 7-dan
The tournament table and game records: http://www.go4go.net/v2/modules/tournament/scorechart.php?key=92-3-s30f
Here you can find some details about Tuo, 3-dan collected and translated by Mace Lee, an expert of Goama:

My former classmate U Dongha, 6-dan (Korea) won the first Korean Prime-Minister cup. Congratulations, U!
The tournament was slightly weaker than the usual Amateur World Go Championship in Japan (N. Korean player was absent,
Germany, England, Finland and Holland did not send the strongest players), but any way, his performance was impressive!
It is not yet clear, will he get a promotion to 1-dan or not (according to the rules of Korean Baduk Association, the winner of the amateur World Go championship is getting automatically promoted to 1-dan pro).
I made a mistake in the previous issue of our newsletter, by putting Mathew Macfadyen (England) into the players list. I saw his photo inside the Korean Go article about the tournament, but it seems, that they just used an old picture.
We cannot say anything about sensations. The final standing (http://cooperate.cyberoro.com/2006_amateur/e_swiss.asp ) is quite standard. Asian or Asian-born players playing for other countries are on the top. Russia, USA and Romania are slightly behind, as usual.
Some commented games from the tournament will be available soon on http://www.go4go.net/v2/modules/alex/
The price of each commentary is less than 3 cents!


New photos from Korea

Korean Prime-Minister cup


The most exciting game of the week

Year 2006 Korean League
2006-10-22: Park Cheongsang 9p (Black) vs. Lee Huiseong 7p (White) B+R
Huge group killed by Park, 9-dan

32nd Japanese Kisei, preliminary
2006-10-26: Takekiyo Isamu 3p (Black) vs. Takemiya Masaki 9p (White) W+R
The game is not so exciting, but it's always interesting to watch Takemiya's openings



Alexandre Dinerchtein, 1-dan professional, the main editor of the “Goama” newsletter, is offering trial Baduk lessons on KGS. The price of each lesson is 15 USD only, which is two times cheaper than his regular lesson fee. One person can order one trial lesson only.
More details about his lessons:


Enjoy the newsletter!
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