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34th issue
goama34_overcast-roln111.sgf (goama34_overcast-roln111.sgf)

1. An interview with Igor Grishin, the director of the "Goama" magazine: "Yi from Go Master" (4th part)
2. An interview with Chang Hao, 9-dan, the finalist of the Samsung cup-2006
3. Commented game from KGS (very exciting one). "Overcast" vs "roln111"
4. World Go news
5. New photos from Korea
6. The most exciting game of the week
7. Announcements

Dear friends!
We are glad to present you the 34th issue of the "Goama" newsletter, including:
1. An interview with Igor Grishin, the director of the "Goama" magazine: "Yi from Go Master" (4th part)
2. An interview with Chang Hao, 9-dan, the finalist of the Samsung cup-2006
3. Commented game from KGS (very exciting one). "Overcast" vs "roln111"
4. World Go news
5. New photos from Korea
6. The most exciting game of the week
7. Announcements


An interview with Igor Grishin, the director of the "Goama" magazine: "Yi from Go Master" (4th part)

You have run the Go School simultaneously with the Wushu School for a long time. Now you teach just Go. Why did you decide to run only the Go School?

This question reflects only a visible section of happening. Indeed, we stopped admitting to our Wushu School and it caused some resonance. It was a sore grief to me when I came to the club where we refused Wushu classes to a hundred of children. But in each school there are external and internal processes. Each school can stop external processes for some time. We stopped a number of external processes to get power for internal transformation. We didn't stop our internal Wushu and we didn't cut the connection between our Go and Wushu. It has just become impossible to enter our Wushu School now. That's why we it cannot be said that I've refused Wushu teaching. I’ve just stopped admitting people for educating.

Why did you decide to create an international newsletter "Goama"?

It is an I-net newsletter of the site gogame.info which counts over 2000 subscriber. The newsletter is popular in Europe and America. We have about 250 Russian subscribers but the magazine is in English. As a director of the newsletter I’d like to say that it is not necessary to write articles always in Russian to be understood by Russian auditory, though, maybe, it is possible not to do it in Russian at all… Another reason is that it is important to communicate. Among Europeans and Americans we have found a great circle of contacts. This is the discovery of the previous year. We didn't expect that our postage would take the second place in the world on the quantity of subscribers. American Go E-journal heads the list. This magazine has exist for many years and we are only several hundreds of subscribers behind it. What does it mean? It means that people are interested in these questions, in communication. Besides, the idea of the "Goama" newsletter probably was timely. Taking an opportunity I would like to thank those patrons who helped us by investing money in the project. I would also like to thank the editor in chief - Alexander Dinerchtein, the editors and experts of the magazine, translators and the whole creative group.

To be continued


An interview with Chang Hao, 9-dan, the finalist of the Samsung cup-2006

-You beat Seo Bongsu, 9-dan twice in succession. What do you think about these games?
- I studied Seo's openings a lot before the first game and that was very useful. I got a big advantage in the first stage of the first game. The second game of the semifinal was also promising for me in the opening, but later on I made some mistakes. The position was very dangerous, but Seo, 9-dan was too kind with my central group!
- Your wife, Jang Swen, 8-dan, told us that it was very hard to find any recent game records of Seo Bongsu, 9-dan. Was it difficult for you to prepare for the match?
- I promised several times to win the match, and I was worried that I would not be able to keep my word. Seo Bongsu, 9-dan's achievement [in reaching the semifinals] is outstanding. I hope I will be able to play as strongly as him when I am 50.
- What can you tell us about your recent form?
- I reached the final matches of the Chunlan Cup and the Samsung Cup and feel that my condition is close to perfect
- I heard that you played sports on the rest day between the games (December 6). What is your favorite sport?
- I love swimming and football. It was hard to make arrangements this time, so I decided to run. I feel that it’s very important to keep yourself in a good shape
- We know that your results on international arena are better than in homeland. Is it true?
- Yes, recently my results in Chinese tournaments have not been so good.
- Nowadays Korean Go is in a big slump. Can we say that the Chinese players are already stronger?
- Korean players are still strong, but it seems that they are getting weaker [laughing]. I think it's more interesting to see a battle between two countries that are about the same in strength. A few years ago you won everything - it was so dull
- You will play two World Championship finals in succession: the Chunlan Cup and the Samsung Cup. How do you rate your chances to get the both titles?
- I have played in seven final matches in total and won only one of them. Ma Xiaochun, 9-dan has played in eight and won twice. His winning percentage is clearly better. But, this time I will try to win our contest
- Before the semifinal match, you told us that you would like to meet Lee Changho, 9-dan in the final. What do you think about your chances?
-Lee Changho, 9-dan's recent form has been far from ideal, but he has great experience, and is still the World No. 1. My personal score against Lee, 9-dan is poor, but I am always glad to meet him. At least, I can learn something. I will prepare for the final match and do my best!

Commented games from the tournament are available on http://www.go4go.net/v2/modules/alex/

Tournament table: http://www.go4go.net/v2/modules/tournament/scorechart.php?key=1-11-s32f


World Go news

Daniela Trinks, 3-dan from Germany got the 1st place in the second group of the Korean Female Kuksu tournament. It's a great achievement!
Some photos:


New photos from Korea
The opening ceremony of the 5th Jeongganjang Cup


The most exciting game of the week

2nd Korean Wonik Cup Siptan, round 3
2006-12-04: Lee Yeongkyu 6p (Black) vs. An Joyeong 9p (White) W+5.5
Lee Yeongkyu, 6-dan killed a big group, but lost the game

54th Japanese NHK Cup, round 2
2006-11-26: Yuki Satoshi 9p (Black) vs. Ishida Yoshio 9p (White) B+R
Very unusual opening, large group killed by Yuki Satoshi, 9-dan in the middlegame

11th Samsung Cup, semi-final 2
2006-12-07: Lee Changho 9p (Black) vs. Paek Hongseok 5p (White) B+R
Big capturing race, won by Lee Changho, 9-dan. Unusual invasion - Black 75

54th Japanese Oza, title match #4
2006-12-07: Cho U 9p (Black) vs. Yamashita Keigo 9p (White) W+R
Huge ko fight and furikawari

8th Chinese City League A, round 20
2006-12-09: Liu Xing 7p (Black) vs. Zhang Wei 5p (White) W+R
Whole-board capturing race



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