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35th issue
New_joseki_goama35.pdf (New_joseki_goama35.pdf)

1. An interview with Cho Hanseung, 9-dan, the winner of the 11th Korean Chunwon tournament
2. "Anti-blitz abuse petition" by Christopher Annachachibi (Belgium)
3. New joseki(?), invented in Korea (pdf, at the attachment)
4. "Ask the experts" column
5. New photos from Korea
6. The most exciting game of the week
7. Christmas gifts for our readers

Dear friends!
We are glad to present you the 35th issue of the "Goama" newsletter, including:
1. An interview with Cho Hanseung, 9-dan, the winner of the 11th Korean Chunwon tournament
2. "Anti-blitz abuse petition" by Christopher Annachachibi (Belgium)
3. New joseki(?), invented in Korea (pdf, at the attachment)
4. "Ask the experts" column
5. New photos from Korea
6. The most exciting game of the week
7. Christmas gifts for our readers


Interview with Cho Hanseung, 9-dan, the winner of the 11th Korean Chunwon tournament.

Cho Hanseung, 9-dan, who was the challenger several times, got his first title. He won the match with an outstanding 4-1 score against Lee Sedol, 9-dan.
- Congratulations! We cannot often see you in title matches. What was your best achievement?
- I played in two finals in 2003: Kuksu and LG-Oil tournaments, losing twice to Lee Changho, 9-dan. I was much weaker that time, and Lee Changho, 9-dan was in ideal shape. I am often thinking about these matches and feel, that it was possible to play better.
- What do you think about Lee Sedol, 9-dan? Which opponent is easier for you: Lee Sedol, 9-dan or Lee Changho, 9-dan?
- I played 18 games with Lee Sedol, 9-dan after 2000 and we have an equal 9-9 score. He has an aggressive playing style, but sometimes he is making big overplays. I am able to beat him, if I punish them correctly. For me it’s harder to play against Lee Changho, 9-dan. We are both playing Go solidly, but he is much stronger than myself in the endgame stage
- Are you trying to keep your playing style without changes?
- I like my playing style and feel that I made a good choice, but it’s not so important. If you are strong, you are able to play both on territory and influence, defending and attacking.
- You won your first title match. What are your futures plans?
- I will try to keep it! Another important tournament, I will pay attention to is LG World Go Championship. The semifinals will start in few days (Cho is playing against Hu Yaoyu, 8-dan from China, A.D.)

Tournament table and game records: http://www.go4go.net/v2/modules/tournament/scorechart.php?key=38-11-s16f


"Anti-blitz abuse petition" by Christopher Annachachibi

What does internet go mean to you?

I think I know the answer. Internet Go, it's simply a blitz. You probably noted that about 75% of games (maybe more) are quick games, or games shorter than 5 minutes or 10 if in absolute time.
What does blitz bring to the game of Go?

It helps with reflexes, instinct, and maybe other things. But does this lead to degradation in game quality? Most of these games often end up in slaughter.
What does not blitz bring to the game of Go?

- It doesn't allow you to count, or know where the player stands in the game (except maybe in the case when many groups are dead).
- It doesn't allow you to think.
- It doesn't allow you to know your opponent.
- It doesn't allow for a fight between minds.
Everything takes time...
Why do players play blitz go?

There is certainly some pleasure involved, or there wouldn't be any interest in doing so. Players take pleasure in blitz and we can't surely prevent them from it. I am aware of that.
Others may not have time to do slow games, since they likely have other things to do than Go.
Others maybe don't like to think too much.
There are likely other reasons as well...
Why do I bring this up?

There are less and less slow games and full of deep thinking. I am certainly not the only one to find great pleasure in looking at slow games. Games where players are thoughtful, where every moment is lived as if it was an important game, where the player takes time to think about all sorts of situations who might happen.
Does Internet Go quality degradation lead to the degradation of a player's game ? I can't answer this but I think it could be discussed in length.

Image yourself in a world where the players choose to play slower games, better games. Blitz games will always be here, since they are still needed to progress, but this wouldn't be the most prevalent type of games on Internet Go servers.

Maybe I am dreaming, but with this petition, I would like to send a message to everyone. It might be ignored, but I would have sent it and someone may send it again one day. Blitz game is good in small quantity, and it shouldn't be abused. Try to play less blitz games and take more pleasure to think in everyone of your games.

Thank you for signing this petition if you are ok with this message. Signing it implies that you will show by you action that you adhere to the principle of playing slower, more thoughtful games.

Want to share your opinions or sign the petition? You may do it here: http://patwiggin.free.fr/go/petition/petition.php


"Ask the experts" column
We decided to open a new section. Here we will answer the questions of our readers. Feel free to send them to qp@omen.ru . Theory questions in sgf are accepted too.

What do you think about Takemiya Masaki ? He's very famous here in Western Europe and he claims a game style, which looks quite unnatural, crazy and amazing... Are there other players with that kind of play? I think most about Korean …

Thank you for a good question.
Personally I have a territorial-oriented playing style and it’s hard for me to follow the moyo-oriented ideas of Takemiya, but I like them a lot and is always watching his games with pleasure.
Only few players in the world have the comparable styles. We may mention Sonoda Yuichi, 9-dan and Kato Atsushi, 8-dan from Japan, Wu Songsheng, 9-dan from China.
If you like to find the Korean examples of moyo ideas, please replay the games of Cho Daehyeon, 9-dan:
I bet, that all of them discovered their styles by watching Takemiya’s games!
Alexander Dinerchtein


New photos from Korea

5th Jeongganjang Cup


The most exciting game of the week

8th Chinese City League A, round 20
2006-12-09: Hu Yaoyu 8p (Black) vs. Wang Haoyang 4p (White) W+R
Big group, killed by Wang Haoyang

8th Chinese City League A, round 20
2006-12-09: Chang Hao 9p (Black) vs. Zhu Yi 5p (White) B+1.5
Really deep invasion - Black 53

8th Chinese City League A, round 20
2006-12-09: Chen Xiaonan 3p (Black) vs. Wang Lei (s) 5p (White) W+R
Nice tesuji White 58, killing a big group

8th Chinese City League A, round 18
2006-12-12: Chang Hao 9p (Black) vs. Wang Yang 5p (White) B+R
So many attachments: White 76,82,126

2nd Japanese Daiwa-Shoken Cup, preliminary
2006-12-12: Nakaonoda Tomomi 9p (Black) vs. Yamada Kimio 9p (White) W+R
Huge semeai

8th Chinese City League A, round 21
2006-12-16: Zhou Ruiyang 4p (Black) vs. Li Zhe 5p (White) W+R
Brilliant tesuji - White 32

8th Chinese City League A, round 21
2006-12-16: Zhao Shouxun 4p (Black) vs. Kim Seungjun 9p (White) B+1.5
I never saw this pattern before


Christmas gifts for our readers

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In the next issue of our newsletter we will mention Go professionals, who are also enjoying board games, beside Go


Enjoy the newsletter!
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