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49th issue
New_joseki_49.pdf (New_joseki_49.pdf)

1. The control of feelings or "the grimace of horror"? An article by Igor Grishin
2. Impressions. Chinese professionals about the final match of the LG cup
3. New joseki, invented by O Meien, 9-dan (at the attachment, pdf)
4. New photos from Korea (links)
5. The most exciting game of the week (links)
6. Gifts for our readers!

Dear friends!
We are glad to present you the 49th issue of the "Goama" newsletter, including:
1. The control of feelings or "the grimace of horror"? An article by Igor Grishin
2. Impressions. Chinese professionals about the final match of the LG cup
3. New joseki, invented by O Meien, 9-dan (at the attachment, pdf)
4. New photos from Korea (links)
5. The most exciting game of the week (links)
6. Gifts for our readers!


The control of feelings or "the grimace of horror"?

The topic of self-controlling is very complicated as it is based on myths. The first one says that all people can control themselves. The second myth asserts that everyone can control himself/herself when he/she wants to. Such people believe they will be able to control themselves as soon as they get tired of doing nothing. They explain that they don't go in for sports because feel well without it, moreover, they have no time for sports. These people really think they'll do it as soon as they have need and time for it.
In a sports school self-control takes first two minutes of a class. It is explained it is trained and it is not mentioned ever after. It includes bows, hands shaking before and after a game and norms of etiquette. Besides, it can be explained that one should thank his or her partner after playing a game (but not at all schools). That is all that schools know about this matter.
There are schools that can explain what 'the right position' means. It is explained at the first class and no one controls and checks it after. That is because the position doesn’t take part in the game even in a teachers mind as he/she plays not with the stand but with his/her mind. He/she knows it and does so.

In Russia there is a school the students of which make sounds moving stones in Go bowls at tournaments. Their behavior makes other players, who don't sleep, feel that they are playing at a building area.
Why prompting, playing into somebody's hands and deceiving are possible at a sports school? Because there is no teaching and the school's result is in the area of pupils' victories in the table-game.
If there is an idea of self-controlling it will be constantly trained with a pupil. In this case not only the mind will take part in the game but the body, which will be included in the project of development and rejuvenation. So the legs under the table will stand on their bottoms and the tip-toes won't be turned into knots.

And look at the face! Is it a face? It is a grimace. It is posed as a face of one who is reflecting. This is not a face of a reflecting but a face of one who is in the grip of a disease. The person has been taken by a disaster; we can see it on his face. It is a death-mask of a person who's died of horror. About what and how can a person with such a face think? Our answer is that he/she isn't thinking; he/she is out of integrity of thinking. This face is living his own life; it's been forgotten. For instance, forget about your child and you'll see what life he/she will live.

Hands. Let's look at hands. They are fashing beards and twirling moustaches. If there is no any they're pulling hair. They're massaging the brain through the nose or stones in Go bowls. They are excluded from the integrity and don't now what to do. The motional brain of hands exclaims for switching on.

The chin is controlling of earth. The top of the head is a stock on the sky. Then it is necessary to pose the head. It's done with the help of hands. After that Master ought to lift your eyes until the level of a Person. The cast down eyes denote your defeat.

Igor Grishin


Impressions. Chinese professionals about the final match of the LG cup

The match was won by Zhou Junxun, 9-dan from Taiwan. He is the first World Champion in the history of Taiwanese Go!
Here you may read the impressions of Chinese professionals about the match:

Zou Junjie, 5-dan: I was really surprised. It's hard to believe, that these games were played by Hu Yaoyu.
Liu Shizhen, 6-dan: Hu Yaoyu, 8-dan did not play well during the 3rd game of the match. He did not use his power at all. Probably he was too sad after losing the first game and was not able to prepare for next games
Yu Bin, 9-dan: Hu Yaoyu, 8-dan lost 3 from 3 openings of his games. Later he played well, but it was already hard to change the situation. We may also say that Zhou Junxun, 9-dan played his games very well. He surprised me a lot. I thought that his chances are much smaller, but now I changed my opinion.
Wu Zhaoyi, 9-dan: Hu Yaoyu, 8-dan did not play Go in his usual style. He made so many strange moves in the opening stages. Why did not he play slowly, waiting for his chances?
The chances of Zhou Junxun, 9-dan to win the match were much smaller, so he played Go without any pressure.
Niu Yutian, 6-dan: Zhou Junxun, 9-dan used all of his chances! It seems, that he is getting stronger
Liao Guiyong, 9-dan: Hu Yaoyu, 8-dan still has good chances of becoming World number one player!

Tournament table and game records:

Commented games by Alexander Dinerchtein are available on:


New joseki, invented by O Meien, 9-dan

You can find it at the attachment. Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed on your computer for viewing the file.


New photos from Korea

LG cup final match and prizegiving ceremony


The most exciting game of the week

19th Chinese CCTV Cup, round 2
2007-03-20: Peng Liyao 3p (Black) vs. Wang Lei (b) 8p (White) B+R
Powerful attack by Peng Liyao

19th Chinese CCTV Cup, round 2
2007-03-21: Wang Yao 6p (Black) vs. Ma Xiaobing 4p (White) B+R
An interesting invasion - Black 27 and 29

19th Chinese CCTV Cup, round 2
2007-03-21: Shao Weigang 9p (Black) vs. Shi Yue 3p (White) W+0.5
Nice ladder breaker Black 39

11th LG Cup, final 3
2007-03-22: Zhou Junxun 9p (Black) vs. Hu Yaoyu 8p (White) B+0.5
Black 63 and 65: Only a genius master can think about such an unusual idea!

41st Korean Wangwi, round 1
2007-03-22: An Joyeong 9p (Black) vs. Park Yeonghun 9p (White) W+2.5
A powerful invasion: Black 37-39

4th Korean King of Kings, round 1
2007-03-22: Park Shiun 7p (Black) vs. Kim JongJoon 5p (White) W+5.5
Big battle!

6th Chunlan Cup, 3,4 place decision
2007-03-25: Xie He 6p (Black) vs. Peng Quan 7p (White) B+R
Xie He, 6-dan won his game easily after sacrificing lot of unimportant stones


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Enjoy the newsletter!
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