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51st issue
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1. An interview with Nie Weiping, 9-dan
2. World Go news
3. Readers questions corner
4. New photos
5. The most exciting game of the week
6. Gifts for our readers!
7. Announcements

Dear friends!
We are glad to present you the 51st issue of the "Goama" newsletter, including:
1. An interview with Nie Weiping, 9-dan
2. World Go news
3. Readers questions corner
4. New photos
5. The most exciting game of the week
6. Gifts for our readers!
7. Announcements


Nie Weiping, 9-dan and his new Go school

- Dear master, we know that your previous school produced 38 professionals. What is the difference between these schools?
- I will keep them both. My old school accepted only high-level students, trying to become professionals. The new school will accept mainly children, who wish to study baduk for self-improvement. I will teach them how to nurture fighting spirit, memory, attitude, the ability to make important decisions and many other things, which are very important in real life. And, of course, if I meet a real talent, I will encourage them to change school and try to become professional.
- What do you think about Chang Hao, 9-dan and the recent final match of the Chunlan cup?
- Chang Hao, 9-dan lost both games to Gu Li, 9-dan, who is also my student, but I cannot say that he is weaker. I think that Chang Hao's condition was not good during the match.
- Can we call these two players the leaders of the Chinese Go?
- Yes, we can say so. I was very happy to see them playing the match, but both of them made some mistakes and the games were far from ideal. They are without doubt the top Chinese players and have excellent scores in both local and international tournaments, but I think that they still can improve and that they are working hard to improve their Go.
- What can you tell us about their playing styles?
- They are different. Gu Li is strong at finding weak points in his opponents' positions and exploiting them. Of course, he is very strong at attacking. Chang Hao usually tries to play solidly. His style is similar to Zhou Heyang, 9-dan, who is an even more solid "goalkeeper". The main problem with Chang Hao is that his Go is not so creative, compared with the younger players.
- We remember your achievement in the China vs Japan Supermatch,1985. Can we still say that the young players have yet to surpass it?
- I never think about it. I would be happy if they produced better results than mine, but I don't much care about these records.
- Hua Yigang, the director of the Chinese Go Association thinks that the 15-16 year old Chinese masters are already stronger than their Korean rivals. Do you agree with him?
- Yes, I think so too. I believe that my country will be the strongest Go nation in the World in the future. I trust in the young players! The only question is time. We cannot say when will it happen.
- There are lots of prodigiously gifted young professionals in China in the 15-20 age group, such as Zhou Ruiyang, Gu Lingyi and Chen Yaoye. Who has the brightest prospects in your opinion?
- Yes, we have many young talents, but they are still far from elite players like Gu Li, Chang Hao and Hu Yaoyu, even though they achieve good results from time to time. They have still to work hard to improve.


World Go news

Professor Hahn Sangdae from Korea opened a Go school in Seoul for Koreans, interested in learning Go and English together.
In future he will try to send them to USA and Europe for promoting Go.
Right now we may see Yoon Youngsun, 5-dan pro, Hwang Inseong and Cho Seokbin (both former 3-rd class inseis) in Germany, Ha Gicheol and Lee Sena in Australia.
In next few months they plan to send Chang Bi to USA, Hong Seolgi to Germany and Wu Ungun to Spain. I know first two of them and can say for sure, that they are even stronger than Cho Seokbin and Hwang Inseong!
Club photo is available here: http://youchanghyuk.com/news/viewpage.asp?pagec=&seq=8254&gubun=all


Readers questions corner

Edwon Dimariel (France) wrote:
Many French players on KGS have been wondering if the Tygem story is right.
Are you used to make "April Fishes" on April the 1st ? It's very common here, and these results are hard to believe.
How much time did they have to play the games ?

Answer from Alexander Dinerchtein, the main editor:
It was not a joke. I attached some photos in pdf and the game record of Cho Hunhyun's defeat with few comments.
The full version of the commentary is available on
We have lot of other hard-to-find commented games in our collection, even games, played by Korean ban-negi masters!


New photos

Korean league-2007. Preliminary tournament

Korean league-2007. The last round of the preliminary tournament

Big party before the Korean Kiseong title match


The most exciting game of the week

20th Chinese Mingren, preliminary
2007-04-02: Wang Tao 2p (Black) vs. Dong Yan 7p (White) W+R
Successful invasion by Dong Yan: White 28 - 68

20th Chinese Mingren, preliminary
2007-04-02: Wu Guangya 3p (Black) vs. Xie He 6p (White) W+R
Nice tesuji White 164, which killed a big group

20th Chinese Mingren, preliminary
2007-04-03: Zhu Yi 5p (Black) vs. Yu Bin 9p (White) W+R
Black 31: I will never think about it.

20th Chinese Mingren, preliminary
2007-04-03: Ma Xiaobing 4p (Black) vs. Wang Lei (b) 8p (White) W+R
New pattern: Black 21-27

41st Korean Wangwi, round 2
2007-04-04: Park Yeonghun 9p (Black) vs. Hong Seongji 5p (White) B+R
The winning tesuji - Black 161

45th Japanese Judan, title match #3
2007-04-05: Yamashita Keigo 9p (Black) vs. Cho Chikun 9p (White) B+R
A powerful invasion: Black 71-73


Gifts for our readers!

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Enjoy the newsletter!
The IGN "Goama" editor's team

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