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66th issue
goama66.sgf (goama66.sgf)

1. An interview with Nie Weiping, 9-dan
2. Commented game from the Samsung cup-2007: Chang Hao vs Lee Changho
3. New photos from Korea
4. The most exciting games of July-August, 2007 (part2)
5. Gifts for our readers!
6. Announcements

Dear friends!
We are glad to present you the 66th issue of the "Goama" newsletter, including:

1. An interview with Nie Weiping, 9-dan
2. Commented game from the Samsung cup-2007: Chang Hao vs Lee Changho
3. New photos from Korea
4. The most exciting games of July-August, 2007 (part2)
5. Gifts for our readers!
6. Announcements


An interview with Nie Weiping, 9-dan

- About 20 years ago Chang Hao, 9-dan became your first student. Nowadays he is one of the strongest masters in the world, but he never was the first one. What is the main problem of his Go?
- Chang Hao, 9-dan is my favorite master and we have similar playing style. Long time ago I noticed that if there are 2 possibilities on the Go board, simple and complicated one, he is always choosing the simple way. He can keep a good winning percentage by following this strategy, but if you meet top players like Gu Li or Lee Sedol, it's always necessary to find the best plan. The easiest way is not enough in this case. If we compare Chang Hao’s style and Go style of Gu Li, we can say that Gu has a better fighting spirit.
- Recently the form of Gu Li, 9-dan is not good. His score in Chinese League is only 3-6. How can you explain it?
- He lost his father few months ago. This is the main reason, I think. His Go style is much different from the style of Chang Hao. Gu Li is fighting a lot and if you are a fighter, your health condition must be excellent. If your health is getting weaker, the results are getting poor too. Liu Xiaoguang, 9-dan is a good example of this case. I believe, that if we make a one master from Gu Li and Chang Hao, who takes their strongest points, he will be the strongest master in the world.
- What do you think about the young Chinese players? Who has the best future?
- Please pay attention on Tan Xiao, 4-dan ( http://www.go4go.net/v2/modules/collection/byplayer2.php?pid=995 ). He is only 14 years old and his results are better than the results of Gu Li or Chang Hao at his age. He was the only one who won all of his games in Chinese City League B. His 7-0 score is outstanding! Also he showed very good results at the recent Dan Promotion Tournament and he was promoted from 2-dan to 4-dan. Tan, 4-dan is currently my student. Every week-end he visits my home and takes lessons from me. I think that in 3 years he can take a big title.
- What do you think about the future of Lee Changho, 9-dan. Can he keep World's number 1 position?
- His recent score is not so good, if we compare it with his past results. He was the strongest Korean player without any doubt, but nowadays it's hard to say, who is stronger Lee Changho or Lee Sedol. Lee Sedol's Go style is very sharp and we can see that recently Lee Changho, 9-dan cannot control him at all. Lee Changho invented lot of new patterns in the past, but nowadays it's hard to see any new ideas in his games. Other players are getting stronger and stronger. Only two Chinese – Chang Hao and Ma Xiaochun were able to compete with him in the past, but today there are much more difficult opponents for him, like Gu Li, Zhou Heyang, Hu Yaoyu and others. I think that Lee Changho, 9-dan still will be the top world master in next few years, but he will lose his number one position soon.


Commented game: Samsung cup-2007, Chang Hao vs Lee Changho

You may find the commentary at the attachment.
We took this game from the collection of the commented games on Go4Go. If you like to receive more commented games, you can subscribe the service here:
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New photos from Korea

3rd Korean Prices Information Cup, Lee Sedol vs Lee Youngkyu

Korean Baduk League


The most exciting games of July-August, 2007 (part2)

9th Chinese City League A, round 10
2007-08-18: Li Zhe 6p (Black) vs. Kong Jie 7p (White) W+0.5
Lot of tesujis, trades, ko fights and 0.5 points victory finally ...

9th Chinese City League A, round 9
2007-08-09: Zhang Weijin 5p (Black) vs. Liu Xing 7p (White) W+2.5
Huge furikawaris

9th Chinese City League A, round 9
2007-08-09: Gu Lingyi 5p (Black) vs. Qiu Jun 8p (White) W+R
New joseki?

9th Chinese City League A, round 9
2007-08-09: Wang Lei (s) 6p (Black) vs. Chen Xiaonan 3p (White) W+R
Unusual opening


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