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69th issue
goama69.sgf (goama69.sgf)

1. An interview with Yoon Youngsun, 5-dan
2. Commented game: Cho Daehyun, 9-dan vs Lee Younggu, 6-dan
3. New photos from Korea
4. The most exciting games of July-August, 2007 (part4)
5. Gifts for our readers!
6. Announcements

Dear friends!
We are glad to present you the 69th issue of the "Goama" newsletter, including:

1. An interview with Yoon Youngsun, 5-dan
2. Commented game: Cho Daehyun, 9-dan vs Lee Younggu, 6-dan
3. New photos from Korea
4. The most exciting games of July-August, 2007 (part4)
5. Gifts for our readers!
6. Announcements


Yoon Youngsun, 5-dan is getting married in September.
In the previous issue of our magazine we published some of her photos with Rasmus Buchmann (Germany). For those, who missed them:

Here you can read an exclusive interview with Yoon Youngsun, 5-dan. The questions were compiled by Alexander Dinerchtein:

- Congratulations! How did you meet Rasmus?

- We met in Sweden Leksand Baduk Camp. We played Rengo together but we were just
friends. I visited Europe several times and met him. Finally we become close to each other.

- We published some of his photos in the previous issue of our magazine and got an interesting question from one of our readers. "Does he have any brothers, who are not yet married?"

- He has one sister. She is 3 years younger than him and single.

- Is it true that Antonio Banderas is your favorite actor?

- No. I liked Brad Pitt but not anymore..

- Rasmus is currently a 2-dan amateur. Of course he will be happy to take some Go lessons from you. What will you ask him in return? Will he wash the dishes or clean the floor?

- Many people think that I play or teach him a lot, but it is not true.
I play with him very rare. I'm sorry about it.

- What can you tell us about your friend Kang Seunghee, 2-dan. Will she make an international family too?

- She likes to live here. But she doesn't know yet.
She wants to teach many nice people here. I will try to help her as much I can.

- Time to ask some Go questions. Is it true that you play Go on KGS (Kiseido Go Server) and your ID is "tartaric"?

- No. It is not me. I have one ID. But I played only teaching games.

- Your life story is similar with Guo Juan, 5-dan. She got married in Holland and stopped playing in pro tournaments. Will you take part in European tournaments, like Guo Juan?

- No, I will not play tournaments here. I'm not allowed to play in Europe.

- Everyone is getting weaker without practice. If you stay in Germany, you will not be able to play in pro tournaments often. Will you try to keep yourself in good shape and how?

- I know. But when I came here I already gave game up. I want to teach a lot of children who has talent. Sometimes I study pro games. It is really interesting!

- What do you think about the current system of Female World Go Championships? Usually they are not inviting any players except Chinese, Koreans and Japanese. Feng Yun, 9-dan can play for USA, you can play for Germany, Guo Juan for Holland, Svetlana Shikshina for Russia. Is it necessary to change the system and give them a chance?

- Actually I didn't think about it. If I can play, it would be nice, but I would like to give them a chance.

- We know that your playing style is very aggressive (just one example for our readers: http://www.go4go.net/v2/modules/collection/sgfview.php?id=9925 ). Will it become softer after marriage?
- Well … I don’t think so ... I like to fight. It is more fun and interesting.

- We read your Go books about shapes and ko-fights ( http://senseis.xmp.net/?ThinkLikeAProHaengma, http://senseis.xmp.net/?ThinkLikeAProPae). They are useful, but there are lots of other books on these topics. Will you write us something special? Maybe without Go diagrams at all?

- I'm just a beginner in writing books. I'm happy that people like it. There are a lot of nice books in Europe.
At least I tried to show Korean style. I already finished my third book. It is called "100 tips for Amateur players". I think the people don’t need difficult or complicated things.
Basic is the most important. I felt it from teaching here. I hope you like my new book!

You may also read an opinion of another Korean professional – Cho Hyeyeon, 7-dan (http://www.go4go.net/v2/modules/collection/byplayer2.php?pid=100 ):
By the way, her Go blog is quite interesting. As well as I know, it's the only English blog of an Asian pro.


Commented game: Cho Daehyun, 9-dan vs Lee Younggu, 6-dan, 2007

You may find the commentary at the attachment.
We took this game from the collection of the commented games on Go4Go. If you like to receive more commented games, you can subscribe the service here:
The price of the yearly subscription (500 games: Pro, KGS, Top European and US tournaments) is $50 only. There is also a 6-months plan available.


New photos from Korea

Korean Baduk League


The most exciting games of July-August, 2007 (part4)

4th Chinese Changqi Cup, preliminary
2007-08-07: Dong Yan 7p (Black) vs. Ma Xiaochun 9p (White) B+R
Huge capturing race with ko fight

4th Chinese Changqi Cup, preliminary
2007-08-07: Huang Yizhong 6p (Black) vs. Tao Xinran 1p (White) W+R
Successful moyo invasion White 36-106

3rd Zhonghuan Cup, round 1
2007-08-12: O Rissei 9p (Black) vs. Park Yeonghun 9p (White) W+R
A powerful invasion by Park

55th Japanese NHK Cup, round 2
2007-08-26: Kim Sujun 7p (Black) vs. Yamashita Keigo 9p (White) W+R
Unusual capturing race in fuseki

35th Korean Myeongin, league
2007-08-16: Bae Junhee 2p (Black) vs. Mok Jinseok 9p (White) W+R
Successful Mane-Go strategy

9th Chinese City League A, round 11
2007-08-25: Xie He 7p (Black) vs. Shi Yue 4p (White) B+R
Huge group, killed by Xie He

3rd Japanese Daiwa-Shoken Cup, preliminary
2007-08-07: Miyazawa Goro 9p (Black) vs. O Rissei 9p (White) W+T
O won the game by sacrifising lot of stones

3rd Korean Wonik Cup Siptan, round 1
2007-08-24: Lee Yeongkyu 6p (Black) vs. Cho Daehyeon 9p (White) B+1.5
It's hard to play like Takemiya! He is the only master in the world who knows how to keep such moyos

3rd Korean Wonik Cup Siptan, round 1
2007-08-22: Kim Yeonghwan 8p (Black) vs. Lee Sanghun (b) 9p (White) W+4.5
Black lost a promising game by missing the simple tesuji - White 202

3rd Zhonghuan Cup, round 1
2007-08-12: Chen Seuyen 7p (Black) vs. Yamashita Keigo 9p (White) W+R
Powerful invasion by Yamashita: White 60-White 84

11th ch-kr Tengen, game 1
2007-08-27: Gu Li 9p (Black) vs. Cho Hanseung 9p (White) B+R
Unusual opening

20th Chinese Mingren, round 3
2007-08-21: Kong Jie 7p (Black) vs. Wang Yao 6p (White) B+R
New joseki?

9th Chinese City League A, round 11
2007-08-25: Lee Sedol 9p (Black) vs. Zhou Ruiyang 5p (White) B+R
Lee, 9-dan showed his power of saving weak groups

9th Chinese City League A, round 11
2007-08-25: Zhou Heyang 9p (Black) vs. Piao Wenyao 5p (White) W+R
Huge group, killed by Piao

9th Chinese City League A, round 11
2007-08-25: Wang Haoyang 4p (Black) vs. Gu Li 9p (White) W+R
Brilliant tesuji - White 104


Gifts for our readers!

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Teaching games on Dragon Go Server

Alexander Dinerchtein, the main editor of the "Goama" magazine is offering trial teaching games on DGS ( http://www.dragongoserver.net ). The price of the each game, including the detail commentary is $30 only, which is more than 2 times cheaper than his regular lesson fee on DGS. Contact him by e-mail, if you like to try it: diners@freemail.ru


Enjoy the newsletter!
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