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70th issue
goama70.sgf (goama70.sgf)

1. An interview with Kong Jie, 8-dan (China)
2. An interview with Gu Li, 9-dan (China)
3. Commented game: On Sojin vs Kong Jie, 2006
4. The most exciting games of July-August, 2007 (part5)
5. Gifts for our readers!

Dear friends!
We are glad to present you the 70th issue of the "Goama" newsletter, including:

1. An interview with Kong Jie, 8-dan (China)
2. An interview with Gu Li, 9-dan (China)
3. Commented game: On Sojin vs Kong Jie, 2006
4. The most exciting games of July-August, 2007 (part5)
5. Gifts for our readers!


An interview with Kong Jie, 8-dan ( http://www.go4go.net/v2/modules/collection/byplayer2.php?pid=208 )

Kong, 8-dan becomes the top Chinese, according to September national rating. He was the first one in August, 2004, but after that he was always behind Gu Li, 9-dan.
The current situation is:
1. Kong Jie, 8-dan
2. Hu Yaoyu, 8-dan
3. Gu Li, 9-dan
4. Wang Xi, 9-dan
5. Chang Hao, 9-dan

- Congratulations! What is your current score in 2007?
- Thank you! I played lot of tournaments and cannot remember the total score
- Few weeks ago you won 13 games straight against Chinese masters, but after that you lost to Yoo Changhyuk, 9-dan (Korea) at the 1st round of the Samsung cup. What do you think about this game?
- I made lot of mistakes. It was a very bad game
- Did you cry after losing it?
- It's normal. You cannot win all of your games – sometimes you have to lose too.
- Your achievements on international arena are not so high. What is the reason?
- I don't feel any difference between international and Chinese games. I try to make my best in every game. Maybe it’s a matter of time or luck
- If we make an ideal Chinese team for playing international matches, which board will you take?
- Gu Li, 9-dan must be the first one. Chang Hao – second. I will probably sit at the third board
- Chang Hao, 9-dan got the wild card for the Nongshim cup. What do you think about the decision of Chinese Weiqi Association and the chances of the Chinese team?
It was the right decision. Chang Hao, 9-dan is good at important matches. Chinese team never won this tournament before, but this time the chances are very high, because the team members are strongest ( A.D.: Chang Hao, Gu Li, Wang Xi, Hu Yaoyu, Peng Quan)
- Lee Changho, 9-dan, as usual, will be the first board of the Korean team. Who has better chances against him? Gu Li or Chang Hao?
- It's hard to say. Everything will depend on their current form
- You played against Lee Changho, 9-dan in 2003 during the Chunlan cup and beat him. What do you think about your current chances?
- That time I was much weaker and it was a big sensation. I became stronger and I feel that I have good chances, if we meet each other again.
- What do you think about your chances against Hu Yaoyu and Gu Li?
- I played lot of games with Hu Yaoyu and feel that we are about the same strength. Gu Li has much better score in our games, so it seems that he is stronger than me.


An interview with Gu Li, 9-dan ( http://www.go4go.net/v2/modules/collection/byplayer2.php?pid=179 )

Gu Li, 9-dan won 9 games straight (against Chang Hao, Wang Yao, Tuo Jiaxi, Li Kang, Wang Haoyang, Cho Hanseung(twice), Cho Hyeyeon and Kang Dongyun). We decided to meet him and ask about this record.

- How many games straight did you win? Do you know?
- Yes, I know!
- What is your own record?
- 7 years ago I won 16 games straight, but after that I was not able to break this record. Maybe I can do it this time! It’s very hard to win so many games straight, because all opponents on my road are very strong!
- Which games were the hardest?
- My game against Chang Hao, first of all. Also it was difficult to beat Cho Hanseung and Li Kang. I cannot remember any easy wins at all!
- What was the most painful game you lose during this year?
- It was my game against Han Sanghoon, 1-dan (Korea). My condition was not good and I made lot of bad moves. After that game I saw lot of articles with titles like "Gu Li lost to unknown Korean 1-dan". It was painful to read them
- What do you think about Lee Changho, 9-dan. Is he still World #1 player?
- Yes, without any doubt. He is losing more games than before, but any way he is the best master in the world
- If we make a united Chinese-Korean-Japanese rating list, which place will you occupy?
- I think, I must be somewhere in best 10. First one is Lee Changho, second is Lee Sedol. It's hard to say who the next one is. Maybe Cho U, maybe Park Yeonghun or Choi Chelhan.


Commented game: On Sojin vs Kong Jie, 2006

You may find the commentary at the attachment.
We took this game from the collection of the commented games on Go4Go. If you like to receive more commented games, you can subscribe the service here:
The price of the yearly subscription (500 games: Pro, KGS, Top European and US tournaments) is $50 only. There is also a 6-months plan available.


The most exciting games of July-August, 2007 (part5)

7th Korean Osram Cup New Star, round 1
2007-08-28: Kang Dongyun 7p (Black) vs. Park Seungcheol 5p (White) B+R
Recently in Korea mane-go is quite popular

3rd Zhonghuan Cup, round 1
2007-08-12: Xiao Zhenghao 5p (Black) vs. Takao Shinji 5p (White) W+R
An interesting capturing race and furikawari

Year 2007 Korean League
2007-07-26: Cho Hunhyun 9p (Black) vs. Kang Dongyun 7p (White) W+R
Black 35-37. Is it hamete or joseki?


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