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74th issue

1. An interview with Wang Xi, 9-dan
2. An interview with Kang Changbe, the winner of the Korean Prime Minister cup
3. World Go news
4. New photos from Korea
5. The most exciting game of the week
6. Gifts for our readers!

Dear friends!
We are glad to present you the 74th issue of the "Goama" newsletter, including:

1. An interview with Wang Xi, 9-dan
2. An interview with Kang Changbe, the winner of the Korean Prime Minister cup
3. World Go news
4. New photos from Korea
5. The most exciting game of the week
6. Gifts for our readers!


An interview with Wang Xi, 9-dan

Wang Xi, 9-dan, the member of the Chinese team won two games straight during the recent Nongshim Cup: http://www.go4go.net/v2/modules/collection/bytour2.php?tid=28

- What do you think about your games?
- Both games with Hong Minpyo, 6-dan (Korea) and Kono Rin, 9-dan (Japan) were easy for me. I got a big lead in the beginning twice. The last game with Kono Rin, 9-dan was even easier. I was able to keep some time till the end of the game, so I counted the balance accurately and was sure, that I am winning.
- What do you think about your chances in the next game?
- I will meet someone from the Korean team. All members are very strong. I will try to win at least one game more.
- We heard that Lee Changho, 9-dan will appear earlier and he will not stay as the last member as usual. You will probably meet him in your next game
- Yes, I heard about it too
- So, if he really will be the next one, what will you say us about your chances?
- I will make my best. I know that my chances are smaller, but I am not afraid of him.
- Will you prepare for this game?
- I know his Go very well, so it's not even necessary to prepare. I played him 3 times and my score is 1-2.

The next game of the Nongshim cup will be played in Pusan (Korea) on November, 26.


An interview with Kang Changbe, the winner of the Korean Prime Minister cup

- You played 8 games with foreigners. What do you think about their strength?
- They surprised me a lot. I thought, that they are much weaker
- Did you make any friends?
- I cannot speak English, so it was hard for me to communicate with them
- If we exclude your games with China and Japan, what was the most difficult one?
- My last game with Frank Janssen, 6-dan (The Netherlands). I was behind in the opening
- According to the rules of the Korean Baduk Association, they give pro 1-dan grade to the winner of the World Go Championship, if he is Korean. Prime Minister cup has very similar members. What do you think about the idea of making the winner professional?
- There are only few strong players here: China, Japan and Taiwan. Others are much weaker, so it’s much harder to win the Korean Pro Exam tournament. I will be glad to see the special decision of the Korean Baduk Association, but I think, that they will not accept it.
- Can we say that the Korean Qualification tournament for the Prime Minister cup was harder than the main tournament?
- Yes, I think so.
- How will you spend the prize money? (A.D: $3000)
- I will bring them to my parents

Here is the tournament table: http://senseis.xmp.net/?KoreaPrimeMinisterCupWorldBadukChampionship
Commented games from the tournament will be available soon on http://www.go4go.net/v2/modules/alex


World Go News

1.Zhou Junxun, 9-dan, the leading player of Taiwan, is getting married!
His future wife is 14 years older than him and she was his official Go manager. She is the younger sister of O Meien, 9-dan. She was an insei in Japan during 8 years, but did not succeed in getting pro status.
Some photos:

2.New Female World Go Championship will be held in China in the beginning of November. The first prize will be $12.500. Feng Yun, 9-dan will play for US and Zhao Pei, 6-dan (Germany) will play for Europe. We wish them a good luck!


New photos from Korea

Korean Prime Minister Cup
Nongshim cup opening ceremony
Nongshim cup
Nongshim cup, 3rd game (photos +video)
Yun Youngsun's wedding ceremony - lot of photos
Korean Baduk League


The most exciting game of the week

56th Japanese Oza, preliminary
2007-09-13: Yoda Norimoto 9p (Black) vs. Yamada Takuji 7p (White) B+R
Unusual taisha joseki

34th Japanese Tengen, preliminary
2007-09-06: Kobayashi Koichi 9p (Black) vs. Tei Meiko 9p (White) B+R
New pattern in Mini-Chinese fuseki

33rd Japanese Meijin, preliminary
2007-09-27: Sonoda Yuichi 9p (Black) vs. Kobayashi Koichi 9p (White) B+R
What is the name of this opening?


Gifts for our readers!

1.EGC- 2008 in Sweden: http://www.egc2008.eu/en/congress/index.php
"Goama" readers who register before November 1st will get the lowest entry fee, which was valid till the end of September. This amounts to a 12.5% discount on the entry fee. Write "Goama discount" in the accommodation window when registering.

2.Arkadij Bogatsij ("BAM0" on KGS) decided to offer a 10% discount for Goama readers, applying for the Premium version of the Fuseki.info account.
http://fuseki.info/ is an online version of the Bigo Assistant Profi software. There are 48 803 pro games inside (3 282 games in Demo version)
It's possible to view and study games according to players names, dates, fusekis and josekis.
You may use your discount by entering the coupon code "Goama", while upgrading the demo account to premium one.
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3.You can also get a 10% discount for ordering Go (or other board games) books or equipment from http://www.thetradingcentre.co.uk/
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Contact us, please, if you have your own Go shop or products and would like to set a special discount for "Goama" readers.


Enjoy the newsletter!
The IGN "Goama" editor's team

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