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“GOAMA”, International Go Newsletter
23rd issue
1. Article “Lee Sanghun, 5-dan and his Go School”
2. Commented game between Lee Sanghun, 5-dan and his student (sgf, at the attachment). Commentaries by Lee Sanghun, 5-dan
3. Future tournaments
4. The most exciting game of the week
5. Announcements

Goama_lee_sang_huns_teaching_game.sgf (Goama_lee_sang_huns_teaching_game.sgf)
24th issue
1. Quiz "The World of Korean Baduk-2" , sponsored by MoyoGo
2. World Go news
3. Commented game from the 1st Japanese Daiwa-Shoken Cup. Michael Redmond, 9-dan vs Yamashiro, 9-dan (sgf, at the attachment)
4. New move, invented by Cho Seokbin, 7-dan (detail explanation in pdf at the attachment)
5. New photos from Korea (links)
6. The most exciting game of the week
7. October schedule of KGS+

Goama_Redmond_Yamashiro.sgf (Goama_Redmond_Yamashiro.sgf)
Goama24.pdf (Goama24.pdf)
song_goama.jpg (song_goama.jpg)
25th issue
1. Quiz results
2. "The Fall Trip towards Death" an article by Igor Grishin, the director of the "Goama" newsletter
3. World Go news
4. New move, developed in Korea (at the attachment, pdf)
5. New photos from Korea (links with description)
6. The most exciting game of the week

goama25.pdf (goama25.pdf)
26th issue
1. New quiz "The world of Japanese Go" with prizes
2. An article "Na Hyun – new Korean star!"
3. World Go news
4. An article "Is it true, that we are getting weaker and weaker with ages?"
5. New joseki, invented in Japan (at the attachment)
6. Commented game between Yang Huiren, 1-dan and Yang Yilun, 7-dan from the North American Masters Tournament (sgf, at the attachment)
7. The most exciting game of the week

goama_yang_yang_namt.sgf (goama_yang_yang_namt.sgf)
goama26_new_joseki.pdf (goama26_new_joseki.pdf)
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