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IGN "Goama", 12th issue

Dear friends!
We are glad to present you the 12th issue of the “Goama” newsletter, including:
1. Interview “Weon Seongjin 7-dan and his thoughts about the opening stage of Go (fuseki)”
2. Photos from Korean tournaments (links)
3. The most exciting game of the week (link)
4. Commented game from the Ing Memorial 2004, Svetlana Shikshina vs Catalin Taranu (detail trick-move explanation)


Weon Seongjin 7-dan and his thoughts about the opening stage of Go (fuseki), 2005

- Does fuseki play a big part in the game?

Yes, it sure does. But the winner is drawn much later. Even if you take all big points in fuseki but miss the critical point in the fight or make a 1 point mistake in yose, then the result of the game might be the opposite. That’s why, in my opinion, fuseki is far from being most important in the game.

- So, what’s the importance of being strong at fuseki?

A good stand in the beginning of the game saves you plenty of time. If I consider my position to be good I try to play simple and fast. Fuseki masters are better adapted for reducing time control and this is seen everywhere. Everyone who wins a lot could boast his ability to play masterfully fuseki.

- Who to your thinking plays fuseki best of all?

Cho Hunhyun 9-dan. He has plenty of exemplary ideas and shapes. Before I became professional player I paid attention to Yoo Changhyuk 9-dan way of playing fuseki. Speaking of foreign masters we can mention Chinese player Gu Li 9-dan. He often wins in fuseki without complications. An outstanding master!

- Recently you didn’t show good results but now you are doing very well. Did something change in your Go?

You will lose again and again after falling apart in important games. Second place in Chunwon tournament, losing twice in semi-finals of LG Cup – all these defeats are seared into my memory. I can’t remember of anything else except winning three times in Nongsim Cup. These painful feelings affected me much.

- Did your style change as well?

Yes, I think so. I used to play in forceful Go laying stress on the second part of the game. Now my eyes are fixed on searching for territory. More often I lose favorable positions, which was unusual for my previous style of playing.

- Share a secret, how one can become stronger at fuseki?

It’s very important to review professional games on a regular basis, but this is not enough. You should be aware of difficult variants in joseki, be up to date and watch attentively for outdated moves. First of all it applies to professional players who want to stay afloat.


Recent photos from Korea

The preliminary stage of the Samsung World Championship (Korean Amateur Qualification Tournament)
First and second photo: Do Ongyu, 6-dan, the winner of the World Woman Amateur Go Championship –1997
Second photo from the end : Ha Sangbong, 7-dan (on the left side). One of the strongest Korean amateurs
The preliminary stage of the Nongsim Cup (Korean Qulification)
On the last photo: Seo Bongsu, 9-dan vs Kang Hun, 9-dan, 1-0. You may know these players well


The most exciting game of the week
[2006-06-22] 13th Japanese Agon Cup, preliminary
Rin Kanketsu 6p vs Kobayashi Koichi 9p
Rin sacrificed a huge group, and won the game by 14.5 (!) points.
The detail commentary is available on Go4Go, private Game Commentary section at


At the attachment: Another commented game with the trick move used by “yesniu”, 9-dan (from the last issue of the Goama newsletter)


Enjoy the newsletter!
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