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IGN "Goama", 15th issue

Dear friends!
We are glad to present you the 15th issue of the “Goama” newsletter, including:
1. An interview with Park Cheongsang, 9-dan(Korea), the winner of the Fujitsu cup
2. Announcement. The second book of Yun Yeongseon, 5-dan
3. The most exciting game of the week (links)
4. Commented game from the Fujitsu cup: Jiang Mingjiu, 7-dan (USA) vs Park Cheongsang, 5-dan (at the attachment)


Interview with the winner of the 19th Fujitsu cup Park Cheongsang, 9-dan
( http://senseis.xmp.net/?ParkJeongSang )
Game records from the tournament: http://www.go4go.net/v2/modules/collection/bytour2.php?tid=4
Some photos:

- What was your feeling after the final game?
- I heard about the death of Cho Namcheol, 9-dan few hours before the game and I thought, that I have to win the Fujitsu cup, making him the last present.
- What did you do first of all after returning back to Seoul?
- I went to Cho Namcheol’s funeral
- Who was the first person you informed about your victory?
- I made a telephone call to Korea, to my mother.
- This was your first game with Zhou Heyang, 9-dan. What can you tell us about his playing style?
- His Go is very thick and solid. Zhou has a good fighting spirit, but probably he was too nervous during the final game
- What do you think about the final game?
- I reviewed the game together with Choi Chelhan, 9-dan and Lee Sedol, 9-dan. We think, that I was never behind during the whole game. I made a mistake in the middlegame, losing 3 points, but I was still slightly ahead. Finally Zhou made an overplay (this was his last chance) and I punished him correctly.
- Which thing is more pleasant for you? Winning the World Championship or solving the Army problem (Park will not pass the Army duty, according to Korean rules, as the winner of the World Championship)
- I am 1000000 times more happy because of winning the Fujitsu cup
- After the semifinals Lee and Choi went to watch a baseball game of Korean baseball star Lee Songyeb. Why did you let them go alone?
- I am a baseball fan too, but I decided to replay some game records of Zhou Heyang, 9-dan instead in my hotel room
- During the semifinal game between Lee and Zhou, which opponent do you support more?
- Lee Sedol, 9-dan of course. All-Korean final is much easier to play, because you already know that the cup will come to your own country.
- What do you think about the future of Korean Go?
- It is very important for junior players like me to study harder and harder. I am sure that Korean players are still stronger than Chinese.
- How are you usually studying Go?
- I am replaying and analyzing pro games daily. I think, it’s more important than playing Go a lot.
- What was your main goal after becoming a pro player? Did you reach it?
- My dream was becoming a Top World player. I won the Fujitsu cup, but I think that I am still weak to say so about myself.

Few notes from Wang Runan, 8-dan (http://senseis.xmp.net/?WangRunan )
He is the director of Chinese Professional Weiqi Association
“Park Cheongsang won the tournament, because he is strong. He will be even stronger in future, but I think that he will never reach the level of Lee Changho, 9-dan or other top Korean players”

Few notes from the main editor of "Goama", A.Dinerchtein:
Park Cheongsang, 9-dan is my former classmate . We were studying together in the Go school of Heo Changheui, 9-dan (http://senseis.xmp.net/?HeoChangHeui ). That time he was little bit weaker than Song Taekon (http://senseis.xmp.net/?SongTaeKon), but he was the most serious student in our club. I am really happy for Park!

The second book of Yun Yeongseon, 5-dan pro from Korea ( http://senseis.xmp.net/?YunYeongSeon ) “Think like a pro, Pae (ko)” will be available for sale from the owner of Korean Oromedia company Mr. Cho Changsam during the EGC-2006 in Italy.
1. Rules of ko
2. Classic life&death problems with ko fights
3. Ko and josekis
4. Ko and the endgame
5. Ko fights from real games
English +Korean languages, 192 pages in total, translated by Les Waller (“KyuMaster” on KGS)


The most exciting game of the week

1.Year 2006 Chinese Rank Promotion, round 1
2006-07-11: Duan Rong 7p (Black) vs. Liu Xing 7p (White) B+R
False ko threat W 126

2.8th Chinese City League A, round 9
2006-07-08: Lee Sedol 9p (Black) vs. Kong Jie 7p (White) B+R
Large group, killed by Lee

3. 8th Chinese City League A, round 9
2006-07-08: Zhou Ruiyang 3p (Black) vs. Niu Yutian 6p (White) B+R
New joseki(?).Very complicated battle with lots of dead groups


Enjoy the newsletter!
The IGN “Goama” editor’s team

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