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IGN "Goama", 16th issue

Dear friends!
We are glad to present you the 16th issue of the “Goama” newsletter, including:
1. An interview with Lee Changho, 9-dan
2. The most exciting games of the week (links)
3. Commented game of new KGS hero – “fondle”, 9-dan


Few days ago Lee Changho, 9-dan won his 11th Wangwi title match straight, after beating the challenger, Lee Yeongkyu, 5-dan by 3-0 score.

Here is the interview with the winner.

- Congratulations of winning the 11th Wangwi title! What are your feelings about the last game?
- The opening was not good for me, but Black made some mistakes in the upper left and upper right in the middlegame, also the central invasion was too soft
- What do you think about the challenger?
- Lee Yeongkyu, 5-dan is strong at fighting, so it was strange that he decided to play all his games peacefully
- You meet 6 Korean masters (Cho Hunhyun, Seo Bongsu, Yoo Changhyuk, Lee Sedol, Ok Dokchin, Lee Yeongkyu) during the 11 title matches of Wangwi. Which opponent was the most difficult one for you?
- The match with Lee Sedol, 9-dan was the most difficult one. I was losing by 1-2 score.
- What can you say about recently bad results of Korean masters on international pro area?
- Both China and Korea has outstanding young masters, they are the future of modern Go. I am not sure, which country is stronger right now
- Recently, Ma Xiaochun, 9-dan, the trainer of Chinese Go Team, changed the system of qualifying for international tournaments (players will get points, which can be used for entering international pro events as the members of Chinese team). How do you think, will it make a big difference on pro scene?
- We will probably see more Chinese players, but I don’t think that the difference would be large
- Which game from your recent tournaments gave you the saddest impressions?
- The final game of the 10th Samsung cup against Luo Xihe, 9-dan(China) (Lee lost the match by 1-2 score)
- What was the most difficult game in your match against Lee Yeongkyu, 5-dan?
- The last one
- Recently you lost two games straight to Choi Wongyong, 4-dan during the 2nd Korean Prices Information Cup ( http://www.go4go.net/v2/modules/collection/bytour2.php?tid=99 ). What can you tell us about him?
- Choi, 4-dan has a powerful Go style and good reading ability. He is not a peaceful style holder, so it’s hard for me to control him. Time control was another problem.
- What will you do during the summer vacation?
- The most comfortable for me is just staying at home
- What are your other hobbies, of course, except of baduk?
- My health is not so good recently, so I am enjoying gymnastics and yoga
- Cho Hunhyun, 9-dan won the Paewang title 16 times straight. Will you try to reach his record in Wangwi tournament?
- Yes, of course. I will play as seriously as possible
- What are your future goals?
- 1. Showing good results in international Go tournaments. 2. Finding the sport, which is more suitable for me than tennis.

You can find all game records here:
Commented games are available on http://www.go4go.net/v2/modules/alex/
(only for Go4Go members)
Some photos:


The most exciting games of the week

1. Korean League-2006
2006-07-16: Lee Huiseong 6p (Black) vs. Kim Seungjun 9p (White) B+2.5
Ko fights and large furikawaris.

2. 5th Taiwanese Tianyuan league
2006-07-18: Xia Daming, 4-dan vs Yoo Kyeongmin, 5-dan
Impressive invasions!

3. 54th Japanese NHK Cup, round 1
2006-07-16: Mannami Kana 3p vs Kanda Ei 9p
Using the adji : Dramatic final.


Enjoy the newsletter!
The IGN “Goama” editor’s team

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