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IGN "Goama", 5th issue

Dear friends!
We are glad to present you the 5th issue of the “Goama” newsletter, including:
1. An interview with Park Yeonghun, 9-dan, 2004 (last part)
2. The most exciting game of the week (links)
3. Korean trick move (at the attachment, pdf format)
4. Commented game between Luo Xihe, 9-dan and Gu Li, 7-dan (at the attachment, sgf format)


An interview with Park Yeonghun after he won the 2004 Fujitsu Cup. Translated from Korean, published with permission from “Baduk Sege” magazine. Last part.

- What did you think about your final opponent Yoda Norimoto?
- He plays a solid game and keeps balance well, but there are a lot of strong masters in my country who could match up well against him, so I wasn’t afraid. Besides, I’ve been preparing to play him for a long time.
- Precisely who in Korea is stronger than Yoda Norimoto?
- Lee Changho-sabonim, Cho Hunhyun-sabonim. Besides, there are many young master – Choi Chelhan, Weon Songchin, Song Taegun – can’t name everyone.
- This time you beat a lot of Japanese players, what’s your secret?
- Just that the luck was on my side. Usually I don’t play well against the Japanese. I lost in the Samsung Cup final to Cho Chikun and to O Meien in the previous tournament.
- Your father told me that you enjoyed watching Yoda Norimoto’s games as a kid and that you even asked him to bring you a hand fan with his signature from his visit to Japan. Is that true?
- Yes it is (smiling). I was worried about it. Dad had to go a long way after work to get to Nihon Kiin to buy the fan.
- Did you have any dreams before the final game?
- Yes, I dream often. Once mother told me I was yelling in my sleep: “A second, a second, half-point, half-point!” I often play Go in my sleep, but usually I lose, and that night I dreamed that I was playing against Yoda Norimoto, and losing. That’s why I was even more composed to play him the next day,
- How did you celebrate your victory and with whom?
- With Yoo Changhyuk-sabonim, Song Taegun and our good friend Ryu Shikun, 9-dan. Normally, I don’t drink, but that day I had to drink a lot.
- By winning the tournament you became the fastest master to reach 9-dan (it took Park four years and seven months). How does it feel?
- It was my childhood dream, but I never thought it would come true this fast. I still cannot believe it!
- How much time do you spend studying Go?
- On the days free from tournament games I attend Yoo Changhyuk’s club and also study a bit at home. About 6 hours a day on average. Besides, I play in a practice league for young professionals called “Sosoe”.
- Do you have a hobby?
- My main hobby is Go! I also enjoy watching movies and play Tetris well.
- What about Starcraft, which is so popular among the youth?
- I never learned it at the time, so I don’t even know how to play it.
- Winning the World Championship fulfilled your main dream. What are your goals for the future?
- Instead of setting global goals, I plan to focus on the nearest tournaments, trying to play well game in and game out. Besides, I want to avenge my loss in the Samsung Cup final and to make the Korean national team that will take part in the Nongsim tournament. Hopefully, I will win about 6 games. I’m going to be serious about my play.
- Thank you for the interview.
- Thank you. I will try not to disappoint my fans.
The end.



1. 2006-05-01: Chang Hao 9p (Black) vs. Han Zenki 7p (White) W+R
Chang Hao made a huge moyo, but was not able to keep it after the invasion.

2. 2006-05-04: Kim Seungjun 9p (Black) vs. On Sojin 3p (White) W+R
Whole board battle with capturing races.


Enjoy the newsletter!
The IGN “Goama” editor’s team

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